Helpful Videos

NCHH has collected the following videos that instructors want to show during the Certified Lead Renovator training.  It's often helpful to run these videos before class gets started or during lunch and breaks. These videos help to reinforce the message.

Indiana Lead Poisoning Prevention Video by Improving Kids' Environment, Indiana State Department of Health, and WFYI in Indianapolis, Indiana. Running 20 minutes, this video contains excellent case studies of the challenge of lead poisoning and its relationship to renovations.

A Little Dust Goes a Long Way by U.S. EPA for its E-learning course. It is a four-minute video that explains the danger of lead dust, how it spreads, and how difficult it is to clean up. 

Using EPA-Recognized Test Kits to Check for Lead-Based Paint by U.S. EPA for its E-learning course. It is a five-minute video that explains how to properly use the Professional LeadCheck® Test Kit.

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