The National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH) is the preeminent national nonprofit dedicated to securing healthy homes for all. Since 1992, NCHH has served as a highly regarded and credible change agent, successfully integrating healthy housing advocacy, research, and capacity building under one roof to reduce health disparities nationwide. To achieve our mission, NCHH engages in the following areas:


NCHH is a leader of the healthy housing movement. NCHH’s advocacy efforts provide expertise, facilitation, and support to government agencies, legislative bodies, and advocates as they establish policies and procedures to create healthier homes through laws and regulations. Examples of current policy initiatives include:
  • promotion of the National Healthy Housing Standard which is intended to eliminate hazardous conditions in existing housing, and
  • coordination of the National Safe and Healthy Housing Coalition, a broad, voluntary coalition of over 140 organizations working to improve housing conditions nationwide through education and outreach to key national stakeholders and federal public decision-makers.


NCHH designs research and evaluation activities with both policy and practice in mind and embarks on projects that are timely, relevant, and oriented toward implementation. NCHH translates credible, science-based research into practical solutions. Numerous research studies conducted by NCHH scientists have made valuable contributions to understanding the connections between housing and health. Previous efforts have provided valuable insights into topics such as the effectiveness of lead hazard control interventions and the impact of green housing on occupant health. Current research includes studies that:

Program and Capacity Building

NCHH is a valuable resource to federal, state, and local agencies due to its unique ability to identify and convert credible science, technical expertise, and over 20 years of practical experience into accessible and useful information for dissemination, local adaptation, and program growth. NCHH uses this wealth of knowledge and skill to provide technical assistance, strategic planning, and program evaluation for a variety of program innovation and planning tasks. Examples of current and recent projects include:

For more information on any of these services, please contact Jonathan Wilson,, 443.539.4162.

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