State of Healthy Housing

About 35 million metropolitan homes in the U.S. have one or more health and safety hazards. These conditions can cause significant illness, injury and deaths; yet we can prevent many of them through housing regulation, inexpensive repairs, ongoing maintenance, and small behavior changes.

The purpose of the State of Healthy Housing report is to alert policymakers and advocates in the locations included in the report about the housing conditions in their communities. The ultimate goal is to increase awareness of housing-related health hazards and to provide the basis for additional investment in affordable, healthy housing.


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  Seattle, WA Portland, OR Sacramento, CA San Jose, CA Oakland, CA San Francisco, CA San Bernardino/Riverside, CA Los Angeles, CA Anaheim-Santa Ana (Orange County), CA San Diego, CA Phoenix, AZ Salt Lake City-Ogden, UT Denver, CO Oklahoma, OK San Antonio, TX Houston, TX Dallas, TX Fort Worth, TX Miami, FL Tampa-Saint Petersburg-Clearwater, FL Birmingham, AL Atlanta, GA Charlotte, NC Norfolk/Newport News, VA Memphis, TN Saint Louis, MO Kansas City, MO Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN Milwaukee, WI Chicago, IL Indianapolis, IN Cincinnati, OH Columbus, OH Cleveland, OH Rochester, NY Detroit, MI Buffalo, NY Pittsburgh, PA Washington, DC Baltimore, MD Philadelphia, PA New York City, NY Hartford, CT Providence, RI Boston, MA