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NCHH currently sponsors two listservs related to lead poisoning prevention and healthy homes: Leadnet and Healthyhomesnet.

To subscribe to either listserv, simply click on the links below and send a blank message to the listserv.

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Make sure that your request includes your contact information: first and last name, organization (if applicable) address, telephone number, email address. We ask for this information to ensure that subscribers are not automated systems. NCHH does not distribute any information collected from subscribers.

Generally speaking, both listservs have been established to facilitate discussion of environmental health hazards in substandard housing and distressed communities among nonprofit lead poisoning prevention and healthy homes advocates, state and local government agencies, and other interested organizations. Subscribers use the listservs to share information, questions, comments, news stories, insights, ideas, successes, support, requests for help, and suggestions related to primary prevention, environmental health hazards in housing, advocacy, policies, strategies, and local events and activities.

More specifically, Leadnet is dedicated solely to discussions involving lead poisoning prevention, while Healthyhomesnet is intended to promote and sustain health considerations in renovation, maintenance, operation, and construction of housing. Healthyhomesnet also aims to focus particular attention on maintenance and rehab of existing properties, practices, and policies that apply to low-income housing, holistic approaches, and primary prevention. Neither list is intended to be a forum for very detailed discussions of research methodology or promotion of commercial products or services.

Listserv Tips and Guidelines

We truly appreciate the wonderful community of subscribers that makes the list so vibrant and collegial. In order to keep it that way, we ask that listserv subscribers avail themselves of the helpful hints and respect the guidelines and cautions listed below. 

Email Quantity: If you would like to reduce the number of emails you receive from this list, you can change your subscription options to "digest" to receive a daily compilation of messages rather than individual messages. This can be done by sending a blank message to or, which will toggle you to/from the digest version of the respective listserv. Should you decide that you don't like the digest version, you can switch back to individual emails by sending a blank message to the same address.

Tone and Quality: All listserv posts should be respectful in tone. Personal insults, attacks, and unfounded accusations are inappropriate. Furthermore, it’s important to note that a listserv is not the same thing as a chat room. It’s okay to respond informally to a post, but we recommend that your response also include some insight or evidence. In other words, it’s generally best to avoid responses of “I agree” or “LOL” unless you also have something to say that enriches the conversation.

Response Sharing: Unless your response is personal in nature, please send all responses to questions asked on the listserv to both the person asking the question and to the entire list so that all subscribers may benefit from your responses. An exception to this policy regarding postings about products and services for sale is described below.

Commercial-Free Policy: Do not use the listservs to offer products or services for sale. The list may be used to inquire about products or services. Except for information about free products and services, replies to such inquiries should be sent off-list to the person making the inquiry, even if your response does not promote your own financial interests. (We recommend that the person making the inquiry remind others in their posting that they want responses sent to them off-list.) If other subscribers also are interested in the information, they should email the person making the original inquiry, also off-list, and ask that responses be shared with them.

Political Announcements and Endorsements: Do not use the listservs for partisan political purposes, campaigning, endorsement of a political candidate, or to endorse ideological rhetoric. NCHH does not endorse candidates, parties, or political ideology.

File Attachments: The listserv format does not allow attachments of any kind to be posted to the list. This is a security feature designed to protect all subscribers from viruses and spam. If you have a "clean" document, spreadsheet, image, or other file that you want to make available to the entire list, either do so by providing a hyperlink to that file or by offering to e-mail that file individually to interested subscribers.

Posting News Articles: For copyright reasons, we strongly encourage subscribers to post excerpts of relevant news articles to the list, rather than posting entire articles. Please include a link to the full article. We recognize that this causes some inconvenience, especially when a registration process is required for access to the article. To avoid spam at your main e-mail address, you may set up a "dummy" G-Mail, Yahoo!, or Hotmail account to use for your online news site registrations.

Harvesting Emails: No harvesting of emails for any type of mass or bulk email purpose is permitted. Personal or contact information of list participants seen on this list is intended solely for the use of this list, and should not be distributed to a third party. For example, if you believe a list participant could benefit from the services offered by a third party, contact that list participant directly with the contact information of the third party.

Content: The National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH) accepts no responsibility for the opinions and information posted by others. Parties submitting messages bear sole responsibility and liability for the content of their postings.

NCHH does not actively monitor these services for inappropriate postings; however, in the event that any inappropriate posting is brought to NCHH’s attention, NCHH will take appropriate action to advise subscribers of appropriate usage and, where appropriate, to place restrictions on an individual account. NCHH reserves the right to terminate the access of any user who does not abide by these guidelines and rules.

Feel free to invite other colleagues to join Leadnet or Healthyhomesnet. If you have any feedback or suggestions about listserv content or structure, please let us know.

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