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The National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH) conducts research on key aspects of childhood lead poisoning and lead hazard control and reducing exposure to allergens and other residential hazards. The results have been used to shape federal and state regulations.

The research agenda at NCHH is organized around these guiding principles:

1. Discover and/or verify the varied links and interactions between housing and health.
2. Discover and/or verify housing interventions that support and/or improve health.
3. Provide the evidence base for new guidelines, regulatory standards, and legislation.
4. Standardize and improve methods of detecting and controlling housing-related health hazards.
5. Present findings in varied formats, including but not limited to peer-reviewed scientific literature, conference presentations, and the popular press.
6. Continue efforts to combat childhood lead poisoning by ensuring policies are practical and scientifically valid.

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